Based in Kansas City, Missouri, XIKAR is the leading cigar accessory brand.  Creator of the revolutionary and iconic Xi1 cutter, XIKAR sells product in thousands of retail locations around the world.  In 1995, Kurt Van Keppel wanted to buy a good cigar cutter, but found that both the inexpensive and high-end models underperformed.  So, he set out with Scott Almsberger to match good design (ergonomics and function) with the best styling and materials.  The result was the Xi cutter, launched in 1997.

XIKAR is an innovation company whose mission is to build brand equity through innovative product creation combined with exceptional customer experience. Our goal is to be great at our mission, and to achieve our potential through the highest capabilities of our people, enhancing and developing those along the way.

Product Innovation
Function: Innovation and superior function
Form: Artful to the eye
Feel: Ergonomic to the hand and functions
Fair: A fair price, combined with quality and design

Service Commitment
Creating a lifelong relationship with our customers built on trust and loyalty through exceptional service interactions, education and reward.
This means:
• Showing concern for the satisfaction of our consumers
• Being consistent, quick, and communicative with our consumers through newsletters, emails and personal calls
• Thanking customers for their business
• Offering consumers a lifetime warranty on all products

Lifetime Warranty
We are proud to offer our lifetime warranty on all XIKAR products. If you feel that it fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish & function, simply return it to us & we will cheerfully repair or replace your product. XIKAR reserves the right to repair, or replace at our discretion. Returned items may be replaced with a refurbished equivalent, depending on the age and condition of the return.

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