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Cigars For Warriors Issues Press Release About Donations and FDA Regulation

Cigars for Warriors has released a press release regarding the impact of the FDAs regulation on premium cigars and how it will affect cigar manufacturer’s ability to donate cigars to the brave men and women serving our country in the military. It describes the potential outcome if this regulation stands as is, and the steps […]

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Casper Cigar Company Owner Sees Life Come Full Circle: Giving Back to Those Serving

Joshua Cruse was serving in the U.S. Army and stationed in Bosnia in 1998 when he found himself taking a much needed break in a tent where some of his fellow comrades were smoking cigars. Sitting around in the tent, everyone was in t-shirts. With no visible designation of military rank, it was just a […]

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Troops Celebrate 2014 Holiday Season With OP: CfW Cigars

We’ll admit it: the volunteers here at Operation: Cigars for Warriors do it all for what we call the stogie smiles. That’s what we call the pictures we get from deployed troops enjoying a cigar with comrades, photos that often catch a moment of calm in the midst of chaos. We know the holiday season […]

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