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Thank you for contacting Op: Cigars for Warriors! It is an honor to have you visit our site, and we look forward to sending you a cigar care package. In order for us to get the ball rolling, please fill out the form below with your complete military mailing address. [If you are unable to access the form, feel free to have a family member do so]. Once we verify the zip code is in one of the recognized Combat Zones, you will be on the request list.

Please understand that due to ever-increasing number of requests, and recent FDA regulations, your package can take up to 90 days to reach you. Know that we are working hard to find alternative sources of donations, as well as holding out hope that these regulations will be removed or altered to allow unrestricted donations from cigar manufacturers once again.

All cigars are gathered from donations coming from our Corporate Sponsors, CFW members & supporters. This means requests for specific brands and types are not always possible.

To serve as many units as possible, please check with others in your unit to see if they have also put in a request, as we send according to the wait-list and to one unit rep at a time. (Once the package is received, we will gladly entertain requests for another.)

Op: CFW is a recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization based in the United States of America. In order to stay true to our mission, we can only distribute donations to our U.S. military soldiers.

All we ask in return is a few pictures (or a video!) of your unit relaxing in good company while enjoying the premium cigars.

We thank you for your service and wish you safe smokes!

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