Classic Rock 104.5 and Edwards Law Firm Rock & Ride Is A Huge Success!

On August 29th, Classic Rock 104.5 and Edwards Law Firm brought us all Rock & Ride 2015! This was an incredible celebration where over 600 bikers came out to ride, play poker, and rock! The event was attended by riders from all over Texas and beyond, and a $500 prize was awarded to the best poker hand!

A great time and ride was enjoyed by all, and the event was all for the wonderful Cigars for Warriors cause! 12 volunteers came out and donated their precious time to facilitate the event, and the event raised over $13,000 that will be used to pay for the shipping costs associated with shipping all the cigar donations to the grateful troops who receive them. The event also honored former Corpus Christi Police Cheif Floyd Simpson who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident earlier this year.

A few local news outlets were on hand to cover this outstanding event, you can find their coverage here:

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