CATS Festival

CATS Festival is the San Antonio smoking party thrown by the one and only Storm Boen, the strongest warrior behind Operation: Cigars for Warriors and one of the hardest working and nicest dudes in the world of cigars. He seems to find a way to attend darn near every cigar festival in the country, so you know when he puts on his own, it’s going to be a rocker. All the manufactures and retailers come out of the woodwork to attend this event so you’ll get an amazing array of cigars. Storm works tirelessly to ensure the venue is outstanding and only the best food and beverage sponsors are on-site to provide the ultimate experience of indulgence. A fantastic array of events surrounding the main cigar celebration makes this one perfect as a vacation destination for cigar lovers, and the proof is in how many smokers travel from all corners of the country to be at this premier event. If you can only hit one cigar festival each year, this is the one to be at.

CATS Festival and Operation: Cigars for Warriors go together like peanut butter and jelly. CATS Festival doesn’t just support the cause, it lives it. You won’t find a fest more dedicated to putting cigars into the hands of the hard working, brave men and women who fight daily to defend our freedom.

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