A New Year, A New Commitment

Happy New Year!!! From all the Board members of Cigars for Warriors!!

I would like to take a few moments & say thank you to everyone who has donated, sponsored or supported us in the last year.  There have been so many generous people, who have given their heart & soul for this foundation.

When CFW was formed from the ashes, I’d of never expected the support so many have shown! Many sincere thanks to all of.

A Big shout out to Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samuel & The whole Drew Estates staff!! Fabien, Zev, David Sam Jessi you guys absolutely ROCK!!!

Famous Smokes, many thanks for your massive support!!

Jay Lundy & the AKA crew, we thank you!! Alan Rubin, Ralph Montero & the whole Alec Bradley family- I love you guys!!

Brother Andre Farkas~ Thanks my friend! So many people to thank so many generous shops, shop owners companies, Westside~ you guys absolutely kill!! Kendall & the Outlaw gang~ Thanks brother!! Heroes & Legacies Wayne & Kat!! Appreciate the support..

Jose Blanco, thank you sir for your gracious support! Tommy Z-Man you rule bro~

Eddie Ortega, Gordon, Patrick, Ryan you guys are the best!

To the 31 members of the board- Thank you for all the hard work & efforts you all have given. You all continue to inspire me daily!!

To the Directors of the Board I absolutely love you folks each & every single one of you. Uncle Ben, thanks my friend for all you do & have done & for being there from day 1. Andrew & Cole thanks for providing a driving force & MJZ you buddy, you & I will raise some hell & shoot the breeze about our connection & your place with us. Miss Alaine, love you lady!! Tom, great having you & your awesome wife Gloria with us brother!! Matt D, brother… I can’t find the proper words to convey my thanks.. know I love ya my friend!!Brother from another mother JT, you are a great friend, many thanks for all you do!!

Miss Vaughn Boyd, I absolutely love you woman!! You are the epitomy of grace & class. Thank you for standing by us from day 1!!!

Robert & Kris Allen so much thanks to you both for helping Uncle B in the massive shipping duties!! Most appreciated!!  Mo & Yo O~ you 2 are the best!!

Mike the hustler~ thanks brother!! Tim Morris – brother THANKS! much love to you my friend!

I could go on & on & on each & every one of you Krump, Lloyd, Rice, Aaron Taylor, Casey, Kimberly, John, Dana too cool McCool~everyone involved you guys are the best!!

2013 is going to be a stellar year! With your help & support we will continue on with our simple mission…

To give that troop a smoke~

Many Blessings to you & yours

M. Cool

1 thought on “A New Year, A New Commitment

  1. I would like to thank you on behave of the IAP people working in Afghanistan. There is nothing like a fire, people sitting around and a good cigar to go with it, after a busy day.

    Thank you for the cigars.


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